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What Colour Are You?

12 Great Colours Available

Tannus Tyres come in 12 diverse colours to match your bike. Aither is extremely resistant to staining, so your tyres will Comfort always be colourful.


Lucy loves the attention, when she goes out on her bike with her Vegas Tannus tires


There are cafes all over London and the funny thing is, you'll probably bump into Franco at one of them, he is addicted to the Mocha Tannus tires on his fixie bike and on occasion loves a good shot of espresso as well.


Michael is a true night rider as he does night shift. He can rely on Tannus no matter what gets in his way in the dark. He never has to worry about being late for work or getting home to bed after a hard night’s work.


When the suns out, Emma loves riding her bike around the country lanes with her Lemon Tannus tires on it makes her feel at one with nature. Complete bliss.


Matt enjoys riding his bike but hates punctures so he won't take his bike out so often. But ever since he bought his Aquamarine Tannus tyres he's been diving deep into the streets of London.


Tasha loves her Cotton Tannus tires and she's been on cloud nine ever since, as she can now take her bike anywhere she wants without having to worry about punctures.


If you're a serious rider and mean business, you want to get noticed where people move out the way when they see you coming down the road? Well, Chris knew what move to make so he would have this effect. He likes loyalty and trust and that's why he got the Volcano Tannus tires.


Lin wanted to trek around Europe but was always hesitant due to getting punctures all the time until she discovered Sahara Tannus tires. Now she is planning to do a world tour on her bike!


Being city slick is not easy, but our boy David has got the right gear. He rides the streets of London like a pro with the exciting City Tannus tires on his bike; he can dodge traffic and get to his destination before you can hail a taxi.


Riding a bike at night may seem daunting to some, but for Anita & Katie who both Love Tannus tires. They now have the confidence to ride around campus and hang out and party till late without having to worry about getting a flat on their way home.


Fitness fanatic Trevor likes a good work out at the gym. With his Carrot Tannus tires on his bike, he doesn't have a care in the world about getting a flat tire; he rides his bike everywhere even to the fresh food market which is a five-minute walk from home!


Ben likes training on his Melon Tannus tires his friends get green with envy when they see him on the road