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It all depends on the individual, but it should take 10 to 15 minutes per tyre. Once they are on, you do not need to take them off. Also, we recommend that you get them fitted from an authorised Tannus dealer, (please see the Tannus Tyres website for the nearest stockist or distributor).
It rides like a normal pneumatic tyre and will feel like they are pumped up at all times.
It’s about 100 PSI on the Tannus regular grade. (Some people do complain that it is a harsh ride; however that is because they are riding on constantly pumped tyres). There are approximately 75% of the cyclist population that don’t even bother looking at their tyres unless there is a problem, thereafter end up riding on only 40-50 PSI.
…..in 700 x 23 and 28 only.
Depending on the rider, the Tannus tyres lasts up to 10000Km (6000miles).
There would be no need for the tyres to be removed once fitted. However they will only need to be removed to replace a broken spoke and we recommend that if this occurs, that you take the wheel to an authorised Tannus dealer.
They perform and behave the same as a normal pneumatic tyre.
Tannus tyres are made from a material called Aither 1.1. It is a polymer compound, just as one would find on running shoes or trainers. The company, who has made the tyres, have been manufacturing the soles of running shoes and trainers for Adidas and Nike for over twenty years. Their knowledge and understanding about the compound is phenomenal.
The Tannus tyres can withstand the weight of 150kg (75kg for each tyre).
The Tannus tyre is extremely light; its weight may surprise you. (For example; the 700 x 23c is 380g). Lighter than most tyre and tube combinations.
Even though the Tannus tyre is 1-2 km per/hr slower than the fastest road tyres, these would be perfect for all forms or road users doing long distance events.